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Toggle clamps for secure fastening and closing

Toggle clamps are used in machine construction and in industry for securely fastening or closing movable parts. These standard parts are manually operated clamping systems that typically function according to the toggle lever principle and are also known as toggle lever clamps.

Functioning of toggle clamps

Toggle clamps consist of a lever that operates a clamping arm by means of a toggle lever mechanism. When operated, the large motion of the operating lever is translated into a small motion of the clamping arm. This movement overcomes the lever dead center, causing the clamp to lock securely into place. The workpiece is then held fast to its position with great force. The holding force is a characteristic value of every toggle clamp. It depends on the size of the clamp and the position of the clamping bolt on the clamping arm.

Applications of toggle clamps

Toggle clamps are typically used on manual welding tables, for example, to hold individual workpieces. They are also found in countless industrial applications. One typical use of latch-type toggle clamps is the fastening of container lids and similar covers.

Toggle clamp types

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