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02/26/2021 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 02/2021


Multiple-Joint Hinges - in Aluminum or Stainless Steel

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01/26/2021 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 01/2021


Cabinet U-Handles GN 564 with TPU Sheathing

Perfectly Positioned with Adjusting Screws

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01/21/2021 | Products and novelties

Perfectly positioned with stainless steel adjusting screws


On production machines and mechanisms, it is often necessary to carry out repeated positioning operations as simply and reliably as possible. For...

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01/20/2021 | Products and novelties

Cabinet U-Handles GN 564 with TPU Sheathing


Cabinet U-handles GN 564 have an elliptically shaped, shock-absorbing sheathing made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This creates a non-slip...

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12/17/2020 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 12/2020


Machine Feet GN 36 / GN 37

Toggle Latches GN 761 / GN 761.1

Merry Christmas

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11/30/2020 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 11/2020


Standard Parts made of Detectable Plastics

Star Knobs and Hand Knobs in Stainless Steel A4

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10/29/2020 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 10/2020


Standard Parts with Antibacterial Surfaces

Hinges GN 437 in Stainless Steel A4

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10/27/2020 | Products and novelties

Couplings from Ganter: Precise and reliable


Couplings from Ganter transmit rotary motions and torques from shaft to shaft. They also even out tolerances and mechanical defects that would...

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10/12/2020 | Products and novelties

Standard parts with antibacterial surfaces


Handles and operating elements can act as vectors for many pathogens. Upon every hand contact, bacteria and germs take hold on the surface, where they...

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09/25/2020 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 09/2020


Now available: Couplings from Ganter!

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