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19/10/2023 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 09/2023


Signal Feedback Included

Oil Sight Glasses GN 541.5

Upcoming Trade Shows

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11/10/2023 | Products and novelties

Signal Feedback Included


Intelligent standard parts from Ganter ensure greater safety, higher efficiency and more stable processes.

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26/09/2023 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 08/2023


Parallel Mounting Clamps with Adjustable Spindle

Cabinet U-Handles GN 629 and GN 629.1

Upcoming Trade Shows

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07/09/2023 | Products and novelties

Clean Latches


With parts to which hardly any dirt clings and that can be cleaned in place, there is less need to spend time and money on cleaning and cleaning…

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26/07/2023 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 07/2023


Hinges for Panels GN 938

Snap Latches GN 449.4

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14/07/2023 | Products and novelties

Linear actuator connector configured online


Ganter is repositioning itself for linear actuator connectors and will soon be offering connectors with individual specifications. The real-time…

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30/06/2023 | Products and novelties

Detect Foreign Matter with Ease


Time and again, impurities make their way into production processes. Ganter uses special materials that can be reliably detected with the naked eye,…

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27/06/2023 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 06/2023


Retaining Magnets of Special Quality

Retaining Magnets with Gummed Magnetic Surface

Retaining Magnets with Perfect Surface Protection


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26/05/2023 | Newsletter

Ganter e-Newsletter 05/2023


Swivel Ball Joint Mounting Clamps GN 487

Latches with Extended Housing

Upcoming Trade Show

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23/05/2023 | Products and novelties

High Torques thanks to Compact Bevel Gear Boxes and Worm Gear Reducers


Ganter has expanded its product range with two compact and robust angular gear boxes that translate rotational movements by 90 degrees and transmit…

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