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27/06/2024 | Products and novelties

Dowel Pins, Guide Bushings and Knurled Screws with Hex


The Ganter Norm product range now includes dowel pins in convenient packaging sizes, drill bushings in numerous dimensions and knurled screws with and…

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28/05/2024 | Products and novelties

Seamless Upgrade for More Precision and Dynamic Response


Even higher precision, lower friction and more dynamic response: The new precision double tube linear actuators from Ganter are available in a wide…

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29/04/2024 | Products and novelties

Compact Integrated: Light, Switch, Handle


Signaling and indicator lights, switches and buttons – elements that hardly any machine can do without. The new Ganter cabinet U-handle GN 6284…

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20/03/2024 | Products and novelties

Aluminum Profile Systems Designed for User-Friendliness


Ganter has long offered an extensive range of accessories for building machines, systems or workstations with standard profile systems. The aluminum…

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21/02/2024 | Products and novelties

Cleaning-Optimized Leveling Feet


Appropriately optimized parts are standard when strict hygiene standards apply. But they are also worthwhile in less sensitive areas as well. And this…

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23/01/2024 | Products and novelties

Securely Fastened Loads


When something needs to be lifted, a crane, ropes or chains are needed – plus anchoring points on the load itself. Ganter offers a wide range of…

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15/11/2023 | Products and novelties

Universal and clever: Retaining Magnets


New materials, new shapes, new magnet systems and raw magnets: Ganter is expanding its repertoire to support even more clever applications.

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11/10/2023 | Products and novelties

Signal Feedback Included


Intelligent standard parts from Ganter ensure greater safety, higher efficiency and more stable processes.

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07/09/2023 | Products and novelties

Clean Latches


With parts to which hardly any dirt clings and that can be cleaned in place, there is less need to spend time and money on cleaning and cleaning…

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14/07/2023 | Products and novelties

Linear actuator connector configured online


Ganter is repositioning itself for linear actuator connectors and will soon be offering connectors with individual specifications. The real-time…

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