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Seamless upgrade for more precision and dynamic response

Even higher precision, lower friction and more dynamic response: The new precision double tube linear actuators from Ganter are available in a wide range of variants to open up new areas of application or enable seamless upgrading of existing linear actuators.

Behind the new precision double tube linear actuators lies a system of numerous versions with different guides, stroke lengths, spindle types, slide sizes and materials. The slide is moved by a trapezoidal, fine thread or recirculating ball spindle, with left- or right-hand thread, and is guided either by a plain bearing or by a roller bearing with linear bushings. This means that all newly developed versions significantly reduce the maintenance requirements while enabling kinematics with high repeatability, including in applications where low shifting forces are required even under a load.

The end pieces and the two round guides are secured with a refined internal spreader mechanism to ensure precise spacing and parallel alignment. Together with the two- or four-bearing slide, this yields minimal play, making the linear actuators suitable for applications demanding high precision. If necessary, the spindle can also be secured against unintended movement with an integrated clamping mechanism. All linear actuators can be ordered in the material combinations aluminum-steel or aluminum-stainless steel, with one or two single or double sliders.

The spindle journal can be present either on one or both sides, while the journal length depends on the specific fittings – handwheels, position indicators or a combination of these. Adapters for angular gears and transfer units are also available separately as standard accessories.

Because the new precision double tube linear actuators represent an evolutionary advance over the established types, they can easily serve as replacements for the other models still in the Ganter product range.

As is typical of Ganter, all options can be selected, taking into account the compatible accessories, from a thoroughly organized catalog to assemble a corresponding article number, which can then be ordered as usual. If you desire even greater convenience and need to know the weight, price and delivery time in advance or require CAD data for a linear actuator, the new online configurator is designed just for you. This makes it even easier to reliably assemble individual linear actuator configurations, offering a comprehensive overview of the configured version alongside the selected accessory options. Finally, you can place your order in the Ganter webshop directly from the configurator.


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