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Dowel Pins, Guide Bushings and Knurled Screws with Hex

The Ganter Norm product range now includes dowel pins in convenient packaging sizes, drill bushings in numerous dimensions and knurled screws with and without internal hex

Dowel pins DIN 6325 of hardened steel, also known as locating pins, are universal parts that can be pressed into fitting bores. They are used in tool and machine construction, for example, to secure a precise position, to receive shear forces or, in the simplest case, as stops or pivot axes. The dowel pins are available in all dimensions typically found on the market. The cylindrical exterior surface is manufactured to tolerance m6 as per DIN ISO 286-2. Economically sensible packaging units between 1 and 25 pieces make the dowels attractive for users who only need a few of each part.

Dowel pins DIN 7979 with internal thread are used primarily in connection with blind bores, where they cannot be driven out from the opposite side. The pins are removed with the help of an extractor or slide hammer, which engages with the internal thread. A flat section on the side permits the displaced air to escape from the base bore. The dimensions otherwise correspond precisely to ISO 8735, a commonly used international standard. In this case, each package contains between one and ten pieces.

Guide bushings according to DIN 172 and DIN 179 are much better known as drill bushings due to their original use in drilling devices. Today they are indispensable parts used wherever bore holes require wear-proof linings, such as for receiving guide pins. They are available with collar under DIN 172 or without collar under DIN 179. Manufactured with tight shape and orientation tolerances, they feature a hardened, finely machined surface. With roughly 200 diameters and 14 lengths to chose from, the ideal dimensions are available for any design. If the available range of 0.1 mm steps is not sufficient, however, Ganter Norm can quickly and economically produce customer-specific dimensions.

Knurled screws DIN 464 are now available not only in blackened steel but also in zinc plated steel. Plus, the stainless steel version made of AISI 303 has now been joined by an AISI 316L version in A4 quality. This is especially suited for use in marine environments as well as in food processing and medical technology.

Knurled screws GN 464.1 with internal hex represent a further addition to this DIN standard. Made of zinc plated heat-treatable steel, the knurled screws can also be tightened with higher torque using an Allen wrench. This massively expands the range of applications for these versatile screws. Knurled screws with hexagonal drive are available in thread sizes from M5 to M10.


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