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Standard parts made of rustproof stainless steel have been designed for use in the food sector, in the chemical industry, for aggressive ambient conditions or for outdoor use.

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Maximum corrosion resistance: Standard Parts of A4 Stainless Steel

Good corrosion resistance is essential when using steel parts in aggressive environments. Ganter therefore now offers even more standard parts in the higher quality Stainless Steel grade A4.

Increased resistance to aggressive conditions is an ever more critical feature in a wide range of industries. Corrosion-resistant A4 Stainless Steel is gaining in importance as a result since this material is known for resilience and no maintenance requirements, making it a reliable investment.

The Ganter product range has always included many non-rusting standard parts. But not all stainless steels are the same. Roughly 120 types with different alloy compositions are listed in today’s material catalogues. While Ganter has historically concentrated to date on use of the A1 and A2 grades because these can be machined more economically, the market leader in standard parts now also offers an entire range of products in the more resistant A4 variant as well – especially for use in aggressive environments.

In principle, every part segment of the Ganter portfolio should now also offer a part in A4 quality. This includes handwheels, fixed handles, eye bolts and eye nuts, which are produced in full or partial compliance with DIN. Various hinges, U-handles and ledge handles (which can also be fastened by welding), star and tristar knobs and clamping nuts with single or double levers can also be found in the A4 range.

Finally, the extensive portfolio is rounded out by machine elements such as indexing plungers or cam action indexing plungers and split or semi-split shaft collars.

The austenitic A4 steel receives its high resistance to chlorides and acids primarily from the chromium, nickel and molybdenum constituents. This predestines the A4 standard parts from Ganter for use on ships and other offshore sites, in swimming pools with chlorinated or mineral-rich waters and anywhere else that requires such thorough cleaning. Clearly a big market, which is why Ganter will continue to expand its range of A4 standard parts in the future.

More information on the described Ganter standard parts of A4 Stainless Steel can be found here!

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