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Cabinets, covers and drawers can be conveniently opened with the U-handles

The cabinet U-handle is a simple standard part for operating draws, doors, covers and other moving parts. It has a simple design and is very easy to install.

Cabinet U-handles in diverse materials

Cabinet U-handles are available in the following materials:
The cabinet U-handles of aluminum and die-cast zinc are robust but still inexpensive. U-handles of steel offer the highest load capacity. In hygienically demanding environments, the stainless steel U-handle is the best choice. Plastic cabinet U-handles are very light. There are also versions made from heat-resistant thermoset plastic.

Installation options for cabinet U-handles

Cabinet U-handles of stainless steel, plastic, aluminum or die-cast zinc can be installed from the operating side or from the back side.

Special cabinet U-handle designs

Cabinet U-handles can also be manufactured in a variety of special designs on customer request. The flexible production processes allow for a wide range of shapes and colors. Even for special cases, the right standard parts are always available.
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