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Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum profiles are an extremely popular choice when it comes to building stable and versatile machines and structural elements. These high-quality profiles of extruded aluminum offer numerous advantages, making them indispensable for a wide range of applications. Aluminum profiles are both light and extremely strong.

Uses of Aluminum Profiles

From furniture building to mechanical engineering, from transport logistics to shop or fair booth furnishings – aluminum profiles are extremely versatile and enable tailor-made solutions. These properties make them idea for building lightweight structures that are nevertheless stable and reliable. Aluminum profiles are often used in areas where a long lifespan and corrosion resistance are required. Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant, making it an outstanding choice for use outdoors or in damp environments. Aluminum profiles are therefore particularly suited for building outdoor structures, such as railings, canopies and terrace roofs.

i-Modular System and b-Modular System

Our online shop offers two basic types of aluminum profiles: type B (Bosch compatible) and type I (Item compatible). This means that particular attention must be paid to purchasing the matching connecting parts or other accessories.

Attachments and Accessories

Even on their own, aluminum profiles are extremely versatile and useful, but a wide range of attachments further expands their functionality and possible uses. Accessories such as connectors, angle brackets, T-nuts, and cover caps allow aluminum profiles to be adapted and customized for diverse applications in nearly any industry.
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