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GN 1412 Telescopic Slides with Full Extension and Self-Retracting Mechanism, Load Capacity up to 430 N


GN 1412 Telescopic Slides with Full Extension and Self-Retracting Mechanism, Load Capacity up to 430 N

Product description


Telescopic slides GN 1412 are installed vertically and in pairs. The stroke reaches ≈ 100 % of the nominal length l1 (full extension). The rubber stops of type F dampen the impact of the slide in the end positions. This feature minimizes noise development and increases the lifespan. If larger static or dynamic loads occur in the direction of extension, they should be absorbed by external stop elements.

The telescopic slides are delivered in pairs. They can be installed on the extension on either the left or right side due to the mechanics. All mounting holes are easy to reach through auxiliary holes. Only the mounting holes are shown, but other production-related holes may be present.


Slide profile
Steel, Zinc plated, blue passivatedZBZB
Roller bearing steel, hardened
Ball cage, outer slide
Ball cage, inner slide
Steel, zinc plated
Rubber stop and detach function
Plastic / Elastomer
Self-retracting mechanism
Zinc plated steel/plastic
Operating temperature -20 °C to 100 °C


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Other lengths and hole spacing
Other attachment options
Other surfaces

Technical drawing

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GN 1412 Telescopic Slides with Full Extension and Self-Retracting Mechanism, Load Capacity up to 430 N sketch

Article options / Table


FWith rubber stop, locking device in back, detach function

Identification no.

1Mounting with through holes
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l1l2 +3 / -3
l3Fs per pair in N
at 10,000 cycles

at 100,000 cycles

Build & Price

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Length l1

Identification no.


Mounting holes - outer slide

Drawing mounting hole outer slide GN 1412
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Mounting holes - inner slide

Drawing mounting holes inner slide GN 1412
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Fastening screws

For the said loading forces FS to be absorbed reliably in the surrounding structure, all available through-holes of the outer slide having a diameter (Ø) of 4.2 and of the inner slide having a diameter (Ø) of 4.5 must be used. Alternatively, the outer slide has holes with a diameter (Ø) of 6.3 for Euro screws. The elongated holes, Ø 4.5 x 3.8 of the outer slide and Ø 4.5 x 4.8 of the inner slide, are used likewise for fastening and facilitate adjustment during mounting when needed. Failure to use fastening screws reduces the specified load capacity accordingly. The following screws can be used for mounting:

Designation - standard
Hexagon socket button
head screw ISO 7380
Pan head screw,
Phillips ISO 7045
Pan head tapping screw,
Phillips ISO 7049

Outer slide

M 4

M 4

ST 3,9 / 4,2

Inner slide

M 4

M 4

ST 3,9 / 4,2

Self-retracting mechanism

Drawing Self-retracting mechanism GN 1412

Telescopic slides GN 1412 have an integrated self-retracting mechanism, which improves considerably the ease of use when closing the extensions.

The slides are retracted and held in the back end position automatically by means of a retraction mechanism on the last 30 mm of stroke with a force of approximately 25 newtons for each slide pair.

In this slide variant the available retraction force can be regarded as a locking device, which is noticeable through a slight restriction on opening the extension.

Drawing self-retracting mechanism2 GN 1412

Detach function

Drawing Detach function GN 1412

Type F has additionally a detach function through which the extension slides can be completely separated from one another in the area of the middle and inner slide. This feature not only facilitates mounting. It also allows the extension to be quickly removed, for example, when frequent maintenance work is performed on the components located behind.

The telescopic slide can be quickly and easily detached in the extracted position through activation of the release lever, allowing the inner slide to be removed from the front.

For reattaching the slides, the ball cages need to be moved to the front end position. Then the inner slide is inserted to the back end stop where it locks into place automatically.

The protected arrangement of the release mechanism prevents accidental detachment of the slide.

Drawing detach function2 GN 1412

Information on load capacity

The maximum load capacity of telescopic slides depends on the slide profile, the nominal length l1, and the resulting stroke l2. Furthermore, the extension width, the slide materials used, and the parts of the component options, such as the dampened self-retracting mechanism, have a considerable influence.
The information on the maximum load capacity of the telescopic slides was determined in fatigue tests under the following conditions:

  • Slide arrangement vertical in pairs
  • Observance of all mounting information
  • Warp-resistant test set-up
  • Equal distribution of the load FS throughout the extension finish
  • Standard slide spacing of 450 mm
  • 10,000, 50,000 or 100,000 test cycles
    (one extraction and retraction = one cycle)
  • Gradual increasing of load

Drawing Load capacity telescopic slides

Wear, performance, and maximum bending were assessed after every test segment.

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RoHS: Yes
This article is RoHS-compliant in application of Annex III., which means it complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU, including extension (2015/863/EU), for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices. The Directive regulates the use of hazardous substances in devices and components. The implementation in national law is summarily described with RoHS(Restriction of (the use of certain) hazardous substances).
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