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GN 7600 Sealing Rings Elastomer, Hygienic Design


GN 7600 Sealing Rings, Hygienic Design Material: EPDM - Ethylene propylene diene rubber
Material: EPDM - Ethylene propylene diene rubber
GN 7600 Sealing Rings, Hygienic Design Material: EPDM - Ethylene propylene diene rubber GN 7600 Sealing Rings, Hygienic Design Material: FKM - Fluorine rubber GN 7600 Sealing Rings, Hygienic Design Material: HNBR - Hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber

Product Family Hygienic Design

Standard Parts of the “Hygienic Design” product family are labeled with the HD icon. They combine high surface quality, freedom from dead spaces, non-scooped outer surfaces, and sealed bolting areas. A sealing concept based on FEM calculations ensures reliable contact pressure after installation.

  • suitable for use in hygienically sensitive areas
  • quick and easy cleaning
  • no dead spaces due to functional seals
  • certified according to EHEDG guidelines
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FDA compliant

Product description


Components with cylindrical mounting surfaces which are installed in hygienic areas can be sealed and mounted without dead spaces using sealing rings GN 7600. All standard parts equipped and delivered with sealing rings GN 7600 are listed in the table. For replacement, the corresponding sealing rings can be ordered individually.

As delivered, or unassembled, the sealing rings have the “actual dimensions” as stated in the table. To ensure a firm seating and reliable sealing, a corresponding installation space must be provided in the component. This ensures that when the sealing ring is installed, it will be subject to the necessary pressure without excess load. All surfaces which are in contact with the sealing ring should have a minimum surface quality of Ra 0.8 μm.


Hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubberHNBR

  • Blue
  • Temperature resistant -25 °C to +150 °C
  • FDA compliant
  • Hardness 85 ±5 Shore A85

Ethylene propylene diene rubberEPDM

  • Blue
  • Temperature resistant -40 °C to +120 °C
  • FDA compliant
  • Hardness 85 ±5 Shore A85

Fluorine rubberFKM

  • Blue
  • Temperature resistant -5 °C bis +200 °C
  • FDA compliant
  • Hardness 85 ±5 Shore A85


Technical drawing

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GN 7600 Sealing Rings, Hygienic Design sketch

Article options / Table

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Nominal dimensions -
Installation space
Nominal dimensions -
Installation space
Nominal dimensions -
Installation space
Actual dimensions -
Sealing ring
Actual dimensions -
Sealing ring
not mounted
Actual dimensions -
Sealing ring
not mounted
Actual dimensions -
Sealing ring
not mounted
suitable for
10610,89,56,110,25,42GN 1581
11711,810,26,810,96,12GN 1580 / GN 1581 / GN 1582 / GN 8341 / GN 8351
12812,811,27,811,97,12GN 429 / GN 1580
13913,812,28,812,98,12GN 1581 / GN 1582 / GN 8341 / GN 8351
141014,813,29,813,99,12GN 75.6 / GN 305 / GN 1580
161216,815,111,715,8112GN 75.6 / GN 429 / GN 1581 / GN 1582 / GN 5064 / GN 8341 / GN 8351
181418,81713,617,712,92GN 75.6 / GN 305 / GN 1580 / GN 5435 / GN 5445
191519,817,914,518,613,82GN 1581 / GN 1582
201620,818,915,519,614,82GN 429
211721,819,916,420,515,72GN 1580 / GN 5064 / GN 5435 / GN 5445
221822,820,817,421,416,72GN 305 / GN 1150 / GN 1581 / GN 8170 / GN 6226
252125,823,620,224,319,52GN 20 / GN 20.1 / GN 1580 / GN 5064
282428,826,523,127,222,42GN 20 / GN 20.1 / GN 1581 / GN 6226
302630,828,525,129,224,42GN 1150
322832,830,42731,126,32GN 20 / GN 20.1 / GN 1580
343034,832,328,93428,22GN 6226
363236,834,230,834,830,12GN 20 / GN 20.1
403640,838,134,738,8342GN 1580

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RoHS: Yes
This article is RoHS-compliant in application of Annex III., which means it complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU, including extension (2015/863/EU), for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices. The Directive regulates the use of hazardous substances in devices and components. The implementation in national law is summarily described with RoHS(Restriction of (the use of certain) hazardous substances).
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GN 7600-10-6-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-10-6-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-10-6-2-FKM-85GN 7600-11-7-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-11-7-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-11-7-2-FKM-85GN 7600-12-8-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-12-8-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-12-8-2-FKM-85GN 7600-13-9-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-13-9-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-13-9-2-FKM-85GN 7600-14-10-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-14-10-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-14-10-2-FKM-85GN 7600-16-12-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-16-12-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-16-12-2-FKM-85GN 7600-18-14-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-18-14-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-18-14-2-FKM-85GN 7600-19-15-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-19-15-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-19-15-2-FKM-85GN 7600-20-16-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-20-16-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-20-16-2-FKM-85GN 7600-21-17-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-21-17-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-21-17-2-FKM-85GN 7600-22-18-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-22-18-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-22-18-2-FKM-85GN 7600-25-21-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-25-21-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-25-21-2-FKM-85GN 7600-28-24-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-28-24-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-28-24-2-FKM-85GN 7600-30-26-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-30-26-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-30-26-2-FKM-85GN 7600-32-28-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-32-28-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-32-28-2-FKM-85GN 7600-34-30-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-34-30-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-34-30-2-FKM-85GN 7600-36-32-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-36-32-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-36-32-2-FKM-85GN 7600-40-36-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-40-36-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-40-36-2-FKM-85GN 7600-42-38-2-HNBR-85GN 7600-42-38-2-EPDM-85GN 7600-42-38-2-FKM-85

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