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GN 743 Oil sight glasses Aluminum / Float glass


GN 743 Oil sight glasses, Aluminum / Float glass Type: A - with reflector, blank
Type: A - with reflector, blank
GN 743 Oil sight glasses, Aluminum / Float glass Type: A - with reflector, blank GN 743 Oil sight glasses, Aluminum / Float glass Type: AS - with reflector, black anodized GN 743 Oil sight glasses, Aluminum / Float glass Type: B - without reflector, blank GN 743 Oil sight glasses, Aluminum / Float glass Type: BS - without reflector, black anodized

Product description


Oil sight glasses GN 743 offer a sight glass of high stability and scratch proof. The seal is achieved with an O-ring on the periphery and not on the face edge of the glass. Leak tightness is therefore not affected by axial pressures.

The outside diameter of these oil level sight glasses with recessed hexagon is chosen to match mounting holes for tube connections according to DIN 3852.

The seal is housed in a groove and it can therefore not be lost. In addition, this groove prevents the seal from being extruded when the sight glass is tightened.

Oil sight glasses GN 743 can also be used on pressurised tanks. Tests regarding maximum pressure are available.

Assembly instruction:
For mounting on walls of less than 4 mm thickness please use a mounting nuts GN 7430.


  • Type A and B
    fine turned, blank
  • Type AS and BS
  • fine turned, black anodized

Technopolymer (Polsysulfon)

Sight glass
Float glass
temperature resistant up to 100 °C

Rubber NBR (Perbunan®)



Mounting nuts GN 7430

On request

EPDM seals

Technical drawing

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GN 743 Oil sight glasses, Aluminum / Float glass sketch

Article options / Table


Awith reflector, blank
ASwith reflector, black anodized
Bwithout reflector, blank
BSwithout reflector, black anodized
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7G 1/4M 14 x 1,5-207,56,518
11G 3/8M 16 x 1,5-2287,520
14G 1/2M 20 x 1,5-268,57,523
18G 3/4M 26 x 1,5M 27 x 1,5329830
24G 1M 33 x 1,5-40118,536
32G 1 1/4M 40 x 1,5M 42 x 1,55012946
32G 1 1/2--6013955

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RoHS: Yes
This article is RoHS-compliant in application of Annex III., which means it complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU, including extension (2015/863/EU), for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices. The Directive regulates the use of hazardous substances in devices and components. The implementation in national law is summarily described with RoHS(Restriction of (the use of certain) hazardous substances)).
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GN 743-32-G11/2-BGN 743-18-M26X1,5-ASGN 743-11-M16X1,5-AGN 743-11-M16X1,5-BSGN 743-18-M27X1,5-AGN 743-32-M42X1,5-BGN 743-18-G3/4-AGN 743-32-G11/2-ASGN 743-32-M40X1,5-ASGN 743-14-G1/2-BGN 743-14-G1/2-BSGN 743-32-M42X1,5-AGN 743-14-M20X1,5-BGN 743-11-G3/8-BSGN 743-14-M20X1,5-BSGN 743-11-M16X1,5-BGN 743-14-M20X1,5-ASGN 743-24-G1-ASGN 743-24-G1-AGN 743-7-M14X1,5-ASGN 743-14-M20X1,5-AGN 743-11-M16X1,5-ASGN 743-7-G1/4-AGN 743-32-M42X1,5-ASGN 743-18-G3/4-BSGN 743-32-M42X1,5-BSGN 743-18-G3/4-ASGN 743-24-G1-BGN 743-7-G1/4-BSGN 743-32-G11/4-AGN 743-32-G11/4-BGN 743-11-G3/8-BGN 743-11-G3/8-ASGN 743-32-G11/2-AGN 743-24-M33X1,5-BSGN 743-18-M27X1,5-ASGN 743-7-M14X1,5-BSGN 743-24-M33X1,5-BGN 743-18-M27X1,5-BSGN 743-18-M26X1,5-AGN 743-7-M14X1,5-BGN 743-18-M26X1,5-BGN 743-24-M33X1,5-ASGN 743-24-M33X1,5-AGN 743-14-G1/2-AGN 743-32-M40X1,5-BSGN 743-14-G1/2-ASGN 743-18-M26X1,5-BSGN 743-7-G1/4-ASGN 743-32-M40X1,5-BGN 743-7-M14X1,5-AGN 743-32-G11/4-BSGN 743-11-G3/8-AGN 743-7-G1/4-BGN 743-32-G11/2-BSGN 743-32-M40X1,5-AGN 743-32-G11/4-ASGN 743-24-G1-BSGN 743-18-G3/4-BGN 743-18-M27X1,5-B

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