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Uses and applications of handwheels

Handwheels are used primarily in machine and plant construction. In the area of mechanical engineering, handwheels are indispensable as important operating elements, standard elements or standard parts. The handwheel transmits rotational movement quickly and directly to a machine. Handwheels generally serve as control elements to make adjustments or apply settings via rotational movements by hand. Alternatively, handwheels are placed on fittings, machine tools or geared motors, where they are used for opening and closing valves, among other tasks. Handwheels from Ganter are connected to the shaft by a parallel key.

Other uses of handwheels

  • Measuring instruments
  • Test rigs
  • Shipbuilding
  • Machine setup
  • Device construction
  • Handicraft
Ganter offers a diverse portfolio of handwheels. For instance, our selection includes handwheels of aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and cast iron.

Handwheels come in the following types

  • Spoked handwheel
  • Disc handwheel
  • The classic: DIN 950 handwheel
  • Safety handwheel
  • Handwheel with retractable handle
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