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Long-Lasting and Exact: Pneumatic Clamps from Ganter

Ganter regularly revises its range of standard parts to implement new technical features and respond to changing application requirements. The pneumatic clamps have now received a number of updates aimed primarily at a longer lifespan.

Pneumatic clamps are standard elements in jig construction, and Ganter has carried these important fastening systems in its portfolio for some time. The product family has now been reworked – primarily to increase their lifespan and reliability. The most significant improvement concerns the pneumatic cylinder, which now operates with a magnetic piston and has T-slots on the housing. Thanks to this slot, it is now much easier to attach sensors, while the magnetic piston permits more precise querying of the current position by the new, modern sensor GN 3380, which entirely replaces the previous sensors. Of course, other sensors can also be precisely installed in the slot.

The pneumatic clamps of the GN 860 series now have hardened, ground bearing bushings and tempered bearing pins for significantly reduced wear. No meaningful alterations were observed in testing for over 250,000 cycles. Structural reinforcement of the sheet steel housing reduces wear-inducing vibrations during operation, which makes a difference even under lower loads. And, finally, the new one-way restrictor in the cylinder enables smoother travel to extend the lifespan of the piston.

The new pneumatic clamps are available in the tried-and-tested versions for horizontal (GN 860) and vertical (GN 862) installation. With GN 862.1, Ganter also has a version that additionally permits manual operation.

For high retaining forces, such as are required in car body manufacturing or in pressing or welding lines, Ganter provides the pneumatically operated power clamps of the family GN 864. As part of its optimization strategy, Ganter has made two valuable improvements here. The housings of the standard versions are no longer blackened; they are chemically nickel-plated instead, which considerably increases the corrosion resistance. The FG type is designed specially for welding jigs: The PTFE coating in a characteristic green color prevents weld spatter from sticking – a useful addition to the optionally available protective covers, which ensure long-lasting operation even in aggressive environments.


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