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Drill bushing, guide bushing

Drill bushings, also called guide bushings, have diverse applications in mechanical engineering and jig construction. The standard parts designed according to DIN feature tight shape and orientation tolerances in connection with high surface quality.

Advantages of drill bushings

In addition to the original purpose of guiding drills, drill bushings support a wide range of positioning tasks thanks to their design. This is often achieved in conjunction with guide pins, such as GN 771.1, or indexing plungers.

Drill bushing designs

Drill bushings with cylindrical bore are typically available in two designs:
In addition, the Ganter selection has designs with conical bore GN 172.1 and GN 179.1, which pair especially well with conical indexing plungers GN 817.5. All drill bushings and guide bushings are made of hardened steel.
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