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GN 200 Indexing mechanisms


GN 200 Indexing mechanisms, Steel Type: A - with knob, blackened, without scale
Type: A - with knob, blackened, without scale
GN 200 Indexing mechanisms, Steel Type: A - with knob, blackened, without scale GN 200 Indexing mechanisms, Steel Type: AS - Knob, matt chrome plated, with scale 0...50, 60 graduations GN 200 Indexing mechanisms, Steel Type: B - with one tension lever GN 200 Indexing mechanisms, Steel Type: C - with 2 tension levers

Product description


Indexing mechanisms GN 200 replace and simplify complicated indexing and safety mechanisms.

Besides the standard scale (Type AS) the control knob version may be supplied with any scale. In such cases, it is recommended to use the matte chrome plated version since the color contrast is better.

Regarding design, numbering run, numbering position and numbering sequence of the scale please see the layout for scale rings on the order sheet „How to order Graduations“



Type AS:
Conrol knob matte chrome plated
  • Black, laser engraved
  • Reference line on location ring

Keyway P9 DIN 6885/1
for bore K 10
Keyway P9 DIN 6885/2
for bores > K 10

Fixed cylindrical handles EN 539
  • Technopolymer (Polyamide)
  • Black, glossy finish


On request

Special graduations
see „How to order Graduations“

Technical drawing

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GN 200 Indexing mechanisms, Steel sketch

Article options / Table


Awith knob, blackened, without scale
ASKnob, matt chrome plated, with scale 0...50, 60 graduations
Bwith one tension lever
Cwith 2 tension levers
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d1 -0,5d2 H7
Bore with keyway K
P.C.D. Ø
44K 10K 12-3323233337631754
52K 12K 14K 16422631,541,837,5631,5904

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Outside diameter d1
Bore d2


With these indexing mechanisms, shaft and lead screws can be turned and positioned in steps of 6° or multiples of it.


The indexing mechanism is a selfcontained unit, all the adjusting and securing components are housed in the smallest possible space. The unit consists of three main parts:

- Bushing – can be connected to the shaft with a key or crossdowel.
- Location ring – is screwed and doweled to the machine or equipment. The bushing is also a bearing for the location ring.
- Knurled housing – providing engagement between the locating ring and the shaft which can be turned or positioned.

In the locked position, the knurled housing via the internal teeth (60) connects the locating ring and the bushing (both via external teeth), the latter being connected to the shaft. To turn the shaft, the knurled housing is pulled out against the spring pressure, disengaging from the location ring, but still engaged with the bushing.

More information

With 60 teeth, the following divisions can be achieved: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 20, 30.
A simple method provides indexing of the shaft to limited number of positions only, i.e. every 120°.
For this purpose, the location ring is manufactured with a dowel which allows engagement only when the bushing is provided with a corresponding hole (see assembly examples).
This hole can be manufactured oversize as the dowel is for rough positioning only. Accurate positioning is maintained via the teeth.
Knurled housing and tension levers can be supplied with scales and symbols.
With teeth, a more accurate and wear-resistant indexing mechanism is obtained than with single dowel locations.
When a very high torque is to be transmitted, engaging and disengaging of the teeth is made difficult due to the small clearance, i.e. the friction between them. In such cases, indexing levers GN 215 are recommended.

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