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Connect Tubes Securely and without Visual Clutter

Stable, strong, variably configurable and precise: Tube-based constructions are an indispensable part of building machinery and plants. High performance clamp connectors play a critical role here. Ganter is now adding connectors of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide to its standard product range.

When it comes to clamp connectors, those universal connecting elements for tube-based constructions, most people think of parts made of metal. It is true that they are usually made of stainless steel precision-casting or aluminum die-casting.

But there is no rule without an exception: Ganter now offers clamp connectors of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide in diverse configurations. These connectors can withstand temperatures up to 212 °F (100 °C) and are used in applications where corrosion resistance is important, where weight must be reduced or where the visual appearance is a significant factor. After all, these plastic connectors feature appealingly smooth and matte surfaces and attractive coloring. In addition to solid black (RAL 9005), the parts are also available in an elegant gray (RAL 7040).

All versions share the same dimensional accuracy and high-quality manufacturing. In other words, the plastic versions should not be understood as cheap alternatives but rather as high-end solutions with defined load capacities. Depending on the tightening torque of the screw connections, Ganter lists the axial extraction force, the radial torsional moment and the rotation moment if an articulated axis is present. The connectors are designed such that they fully encompass typical construction tubes to create a nonpositive clamping connection. The tubes are fixed in place with socket cap screws and nuts of stainless steel or with a hand lever (GN 911.9).

These are specially adapted to the plastic used and are particularly useful when the tube constructions need to be modified frequently or without tools.

Ganter offers the plastic tube connectors as two-way, flanged, base plate, T-angle, straight, swivel and jointed swivel connectors in the most useful dimensions. This means there are no obstacles to implementing even the most individual designs. And if different tube diameters are required, special ribbed adapter bushings (GN 290), also of polyamide, can be used.


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