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Cabinet U-Handles GN 564 with TPU Sheathing

Cabinet U-handles GN 564 have an elliptically shaped, shock-absorbing sheathing made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This creates a non-slip surface that is especially pleasant to touch and suitable for frequent contact even under heavy duty conditions, such as in dirty environments or cold temperatures. The sheathing also reduces the risk of injury and prevents damage to other parts and surfaces. The sheathing material is wear resistant, insulating, and weather resistant, and is suitable for use in a wide temperature range.

The handles are available in two standard sizes in lengths of up to 300 mm. The core of the handle is either made of stainless steel or aluminum, resulting in high strength and allowing use in corrosive environments. The U-handles come in black as standard, but other colors are available on request.

For more information about custom designs and special sizes, please contact our technical sales department at (07723) 6507-163.

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