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Machine feet, articulated feet, levelling feet, corrosion resistant stainless steel and elegant forms: The range of levelling feet available in the Ganter portfolio is extensive. And it continues to grow because the requirements only appear simple until you take a deeper look.

There is no doubt: At the start of an engineering process, developers pay hardly any attention to the levelling feet. And yet hardly any construction can be completed without levelling feet that support the entire load of everything above them. What must levelling feet offer to stand up to the harsh conditions of industrial applications?

Above all stability, the secure acceptance of any loads, precise adjustability and long service life. And finally, they must also visually express all of these qualities.

The latter aspect is particularly exemplified by the levelling foot GN 21 just added to the Ganter assortment. It consists entirely of stainless steel, its plate is machined from solid material and exhibits a refined surface. With mounting holes in the plate, the levelling foot bears the designation GN 23.

With levelling feet GN 445 / GN 445.5, the spindle ends in a ball which moves freely in the foot, allowing differences in incline between the ground and the machine to be easily compensated. The support surface is a droplet-shaped foot of fiber-reinforced polyamide. Two holes for mounting the levelling foot are prepared and only have to be punched out. The spindles are made either of steel or non-rusting stainless steel.

Also new are the “duckfoot” types GN 42 and GN 43. Their strange name comes from the half round, half rectangular shape. These levelling feet are suitable for universal use and have tolerance-friendly slots, while ribs reinforce the plate under heavy loads. Depending on the standard, either galvanized steel or stainless steel of quality A2 is used; a vulcanized layer on the underside of the plate is optionally available.

The two feet GN 44 and GN 45 are designed for applications in highly corrosive environments, which is why they are made of A4 stainless steel 1.4404. These have either a droplet-shaped support surface with fastening hole or they use a proven round plate shape; both variants are also optionally available with rubber underlay.

With these additions, Ganter has once again expanded its levelling feet selection with special elements – the range of options leaves hardly any wish unfulfilled. Alongside a variety of plate shapes, the spindles are available with or without locknuts, with adjustment sleeves for covering the thread as well as a variety of drive types or with internal thread – and all this in various material qualities.


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